Murphy Sam & Jodi

Weekdays 5 am – 10 am
Saturdays 6am – 10am

MURPHY is a man of many names: Mr. Safety, father of two and husband to Jodi. Knew Sam before he met Jodi – and only one of them was good enough to marry!

He’s the first to try new tech and is obsessed with music.

SAM brings the laughs to your mornings with his cynical and sarcastic view on the world. A single dad of 5 great kids and almost as many exes. Don’t let his tough shell fool you; underneath all those layers, Sam does have a heart.

JODI is our leading lady and the heart of MSJ. The everyday working mom just trying to juggle it all! She keeps the female perspective alive and well. A country girl at heart, and completely addicted to pop culture.